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The History of Water Filters
   How did our water get so dirty?
   Early Water Treatment
   Water Treatment in the Middle Ages
   A Great Discovery in Water Filtration History
   The Use of the Microscope in Water Filter History
   The Advent of Municipal Water Treatment
   The Effect of the Scottish Enlightenment on Water Filter Technology
   The Use of Chlorine to Purify Water
   The Clean Water Act of 1972
   Water Filtration in the Present - Whole House Water Filter Systems
   The Future of Water Filtration
   Whole House Water Filters
   Shower Filters

Water Treatment Alternatives
   Reverse Osmosis - How does it work?
   Distillation - How does it work?
   Filtration - How does it work?
   Reverse Osmosis - Pros and Cons
   Distillation - Pros and Cons
   Filtration - Pros and Cons
   What Chemicals do Reverse Osmosis and Distillation Remove/Reduce?
   What Chemicals do Filtration Processes Remove/Reduce?
   Price Comparison - General Water Treatment Alternatives
   Softeners and Filters - How do they differ?
   Purifiers and Filters - How do they differ?

How Safe is Your Drinking Water?
   Introduction - The Value of Drinking Water
   Groundwater and Surface Water
   Herbicides and Insecticides - History & Occurrence
   Herbicides and Insecticides - Specific Chemicals and Health Effects
   Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs)
   Chlorine Byproducts
   Fluoride - Recent Discoveries
   Fluoride - Adverse Health Effects
   Mercury and Arsenic
   Bacteria and Viruses
   Human and Animal Feces
   Conclusion - The Importance of Drinking Filtered Water

Biography and Glossary Terms

   Water Filters
   Reverse Osmosis and Distillers
   Laws and Regulations
   Water Organizations
   Consumer Information
   Other Water Related Sites
   Other History Sites and Articles

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