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Add your URL to our site

If you have a water treatment or related industry web site and are interested in exchanging text links with our site, please follow the instructions below:

1. In order to have your URL listed on our site, you must first add our link to your site. Our link information is listed below:

Title: The History of Water Filters

Description: Provides a comprehensive history of water filters, a listing of water treatment alternatives, and information about the safety of common, drinking water.

URL: http://www.historyofwaterfilters.com/

2. After adding our site information, please send an email to: editor@historyofwaterfilters.com with the following information:

• Title (must be an official company name or web site name)
• Web site URL
• Web site description (up to 30 words)
• Contact name (full name)
• Email address
• URL of the page on your site where we can find our link

A reminder: The title of your link must be an official company or web site name. Please save a description of your site for the designated description section. For example:

Pure Water Systems - Acceptable
Water Filters by Pure Water Systems - Unacceptable

*The description of your site must be a complete sentence with no grammatical errors. It should include the information and products your site offers, but it should not include blatant selling phrases like “discount” or “free shipping.”
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