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Whole House Water Filters

The whole house water filter unit is designed as a point-of-entry system that filters water directly as it enters a home plumbing system from a municipal or private well water source. While not as immediately effective as point-of-use water filters, like counter top filters that filter water directly before use, the whole house water filter provides clean, filtered water to every water source in the household. Ideally, this type of filtration system is used in conjunction with a counter-top filter in order to ensure the removal of lead and other elements that corrode from pipes after water enters the home’s plumbing system.

Most whole house water filters use a four-stage filtration system in which most, if not all, harmful contaminants are removed from the water supply. The first stage of filtration removes any sediment materials in the water that may clog the filter, reducing its effectiveness. The second stage then uses a chemical process called water atomization to alter the molecular structure of chlorine and turn it into the harmless molecule, zinc chloride. The third and fourth stages of filtration involve bituminous-activated carbon and coconut-shell activated carbon media to filter pesticides, remnants of biological matter, and other harmful chemicals. Bituminous-activated carbon is currently the best available technology for filtration purposes.

By removing chlorine and other harmful chemicals at the point-of-entry, whole house water filters not only provide cleaner, healthier water, but better air quality, as well. They prohibit chlorine from vaporizing in the air when used in the shower and dishwasher. Inhaling chlorine vapor is strongly correlated to the onset or aggravation of asthma and bronchitis. Whole house water filters also prevent harmful chemicals from embedding in clothing in the laundry, and they lessen the amount of detergent needed in both laundry and dishwashing.
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